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events. sunday as health issues sandy one to find the diagnosis or prognosis you can find health-related policy. my hope is that people will attend to different points of view. number two, the larger information provides opportunities when you accidentally bumped into relevant information. >> bruce williams at the university of virginia media studies program we went to graduate school together bruce and i have been working on this with the first discussion to write something on this topic 20 years ago when he noticed the changes. >> host: of what are you most excited of news dissemination? >> it is the opportunity for voices outside the media agenda to be able to be heard. the greatest most recent example is what role it plays is the era of spring. no doubt that was generated by years of concern of political freedom, economic concern that the ability for the spread is the direct result of the ability of people of mobile technology to share ideas and thoughts city going journalists had don't access there was information coming that juror attention to issues. that happens all the t
'll tell you one very personal and it do. three days before the sandy hook shooting us in denver, colorado on personal business and writing to the denver suburbs and i passed into a rural, colorado and saw the sign and thought to myself, as journalists often do, this just disappeared from our landscape. it happened not that long ago in which a young man who appears to be utterly to range, went into a movie theater and began shooting people with an assault weapon. and it went away. it was not part of the presidential debate coming apart at the fabric of our lives, not to do the diet. so on that wednesday night, i e-mailed the producer of the "meet the press" show coming up on that sunday in which they would be talking about big ideas america needs to be thinking about. and i said, you should put shooting at the top of the list. we have been through aurora, the sikh temple, the oregon shopping mall. this was before we got to sandy hook and newton. we had a time of absolute carnage in america to say nothing of what was going on in the city of chicago in most urban areas around america. 506 ho
going to get tougher. a national health crisis and the sandy proved all too clear a couple weeks ago, global warming is beginning to affect us dramatically in our not talking about stopping it. obviously the less we have, the better we are all in the more we become an urban society, the more we can do to solve these problems that are at the center of our challenges as a nation. so that is what i wanted to tell you tonight. thank you for your attention i welcome questions. hot hot >> you mentioned anything sport and does rate. what are some of the things we could do better? >> i was waiting for the question. >> you guys are doing such a great job and i'm not an expert on portland. i'm an expert in limited cities that i've worked to. i do have the impression. i say this with great trepidation. i do have a concern for your advocacy for bicycles and construction for bicycles is another form of high engineering and the london streets are redesigned by specialists with a single-minded focus on bicycles that may be undermining the ability. i'll be very specific. when you remove parallel par
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3